DNA: The Basic Blueprint of Life

The human genome was sequenced in 2003, followed by sequences for many other species, including dog, cat, horse, and cow. But what do the words “genome” and “sequence” actually mean? How does your DNA sequence encode the information that makes up a basic blueprint of who you are? What does all this mean for genetic testing for disease?

In this class, you will learn about the structure of DNA, how mutations are introduced into a DNA sequence, how a DNA sequence is translated into a protein, and how proteins work together to make us who we are. We will also discuss the genomic revolution: exactly what has changed in biology and medicine as a result of the sequencing of the human genome in 2003 and our new ability to sequence the genomes of other species.

Learning Objective

This is a class in molecular genetics and genomics. Specifically, the class will cover:

  • the molecular structure of DNA
  • DNA replication and mutations
  • transcription of DNA to RNA
  • translation of RNA to proteins
  • protein structure and function
  • genome sequencing
  • variation between individual genomes
  • genetic testing for disease (how it works, how reliable it is)
  • new advances in gene editing
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