Writing Mentorship - 2021-07

Do you need expert help with writing blog posts, handouts, grants, reports, or even a book?

Are you struggling to represent your business in the best way possible on your website?

Do you need to produce clear and detailed instruction sheets for your clients?

What you've got to say is important, and your writing skills can help make—or break—your credibility. Get help with any writing project in IAABC's Writing Mentorship for Trainers and Behavior Consultants.

Learning Objective

Author Eileen Anderson will review your work, editing and discussing real-life written projects of your choice in this 8-week mentoring workshop. Along with individual review of each mentee's work, Eileen will offer examples of her own and other written pieces.

Course materials will include instructions on six major categories of writing relevant to trainers and animal behavior professionals. There will be presentations about motivation, organization, and the development of a personal voice. You'll also learn about basic search engine optimization for websites and resources for self-publishing. Worksheets, resources, and strategies will be provided for future reference, and you'll meet weekly for face-to-face live, on-line group support.

Online Meetings
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      23:59 EDT
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